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Dear Colleagues and Members of the Diabetes Fraternity,

We as the GGSD represent its members at Gulf level, working to improve and prolong the lives of people with diabetes. GGSD aims to be the bridge among the Diabetic Associations in the GCC countries, to strengthen the relations between them and become a reference point for information regarding diabetes in the region and internationally as well.

The aspiration of this group is to improve the understanding about this disease for both medical personnel and the community. The vital aspect as technology and learnings in science evolve is, to impart these new findings and studies through the bi-annual Congress and various GGSD/EASD initiatives as well as through webinars, workshops, and scientific educational meetings in the field of diabetes. This would help to promote studies regarding patient education and aim to co-ordinate standardized research in the epidemiology of diabetes in the GCC Countries.

The Gulf Study Group is also committed towards improving the services of Diabetes Care in the Gulf Countries and supports various research initiatives and publishing of different educational and scientific materials.

We look forward in collaborating with all the Gulf citizens and without any doubt all the nations around the world, the International Faculty to aspire in achieving the objectives of GGSD and enrich our understanding of Diabetes Care in the current times.

Dr. Abdul Razzaq Ali Al Madani

The GGSD is a non-governmental, non-profitable, non-political group of medical and non-medical persons interested in research projects and launching educational programs related to diabetes care in Gulf Countries.

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